M5 Political Correctness Journal

What does it mean to be politically correct? Does political correctness limit or promote dialogue on controversial topics? How does it restrict or facilitate critical decision-making? In your courses, what is the role of political correctness? What can you teach your students about political correctness in their professional careers?

This journal should be 450-500 words. A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed and professional references is required. References must be from sources other than the course learning activities.

1. Evaluate multicultural concepts and cultural diversity in higher education.
2. Assess how prejudice and discrimination can negatively affect student learning.
3. Apply concepts of multicultural teaching and learning.
5. Assess how societal change affects higher education.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define political correctness.
2. Evaluate the role of political correctness in professional dialogue.
3. Evaluate the role of political correctness in decision-making.