The assignment concentrates on Cultural Considerations Resource. Also, there is a description of Regional Population in Florida Review. So, discuss the cultural issues and trends.

Cultural Considerations Resource – Regional Population in Florida Review

Description In a Word document, provide short answers to the statements below. Refer to the “Cultural Considerations Resource” for help in completing this assignment. Explain cultural considerations that the counselor must account for when working with a client from each of the following groups (100-150 words each): Immigrants (Documented and Undocumented) Refugees Discuss the cultural issues and trends that specifically apply to each of the following regional population groups of the United States (100-150 words each).

Cultural Considerations Resource – Regional Population in Florida Review

The Hmong in California Cuban Americans in Florida Hispanic Americans in the Southwest Your choice of a white ethnic group (e.g., German, Irish, Italian) Prepare this assignment according APA guidelines.

Cultural Considerations Resource – Regional Population in Florida Review

The letter first mentions an article. A Culturally Responsive Court: Lessons from Rio Grande Valley West, Texas. It discusses the successful practices of an associate judge and his staff in the Rio Grande Valley when it comes to supporting Hispanic families. In addition to information on navigating cultural challenges, responding to cultural needs and more. The article mentions Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE). Texas CASA’s family finding collaboration between CASA and CPS. As a practice that is responding to challenges and empowering families to look for solutions. It also lists information on legal guidance on cultural responsiveness from the NCJFCJ, the Family Justice Initiative and the American Bar Association (ABA).

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