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Current Events is a Discussion assessment that encourage students to apply what they are learning from the course to a current event.

Estimated Time

An estimated 2 hours is needed to complete this activity.


Every day, news is being made, reported, and reacted to by individuals, communities, societies, and countries.

News in the year 2000 was reported differently than news in 2010. And now, as we approach the second decade of the second millennium, the reporting of news by 2020 will have drastically evolved.

When it comes to politics and public policy, gone are the days of the 3 major news channels, the nightly news, or the Sunday morning talk shows.

We live in a world where current events arent a weekly or daily occurrence, but an hourly or minute occurrence.



Your Post should include the following elements:

  1. Link to a news article or news clip.
  2. A 5-sentence summary of the news article or news clip.

Reply #1

Your reply to a peer should include the following elements:

  1. Your opinion about the news article or news clips in 5 or more sentences.


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