This assignment focuses on Current global pandemic. There is also a description of  human resource management implications

Current global pandemic : human resource management implications

Focus on thinking about the current global pandemic and thinking of human resource management implications. In order to do this, you must identify a specific industry (e.g. retail, transportation, education, or health care) and job (e.g. cashier, drivers, teachers, nurses). So,  It takes the notion of HRM as a strategic, integrated and coherent approach and develops that in line with the concept of strategic management (Boxall, 1996).

Current global pandemic : human resource management implications

You need to write about how the pandemic has impacted (or may impact) this industry and subsequently the job from a human resource management perspective.

Thus, you might want to write about how this industry has had to adapt as a result of the pandemic and what this means with respect to job design, human resource planning, recruitment and selection, training, performance management, motivation/compensation, health and safety, and employee/labor relations. Required Text: Dessler & Chhinzer (2020).

Current global pandemic : human resource management implications

Human Resources Management in Canada. Canadian 14th edition, Pearson. Additional Resources: Canadian HR Reporter is a wonderful supplementary resource for those interested in keeping up on the latest developments in HRM: So,the library also has additional resources for aspiring HR practitioners at:

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