Curriculum & Instruction Proposal

Elementary, middle, and high schools face diverse and unique issues when it comes to ensuring every student has an opportunity to achieve learning goals. For discussion 4, you identified a curriculum and instruction issue that hinders learning. For this assignment, you will propose a measure for revising or embellishing your current curriculum to address that issue. Double-space your work and use the current APA format for citations and references.

The proposal should include the following:

A. INTRODUCTION (2-3 pages)

Identify the grade level and subject area
Describe the school’s or classroom’s context (student demographics, community, SES of community, etc.)
Identify the problem the proposal seeks to address.
Give evidence of the issue (data, anecdotal notes, etc).
Include evidence of the presence or absence of the Six Major Principles of Effective Instructional Tools.
Propose an evidence-based solution to the issue


Summarize a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed studies/sources that address the following:

the solution you are proposing
the impact of the proposed solution on students that match your students’ demographics

C. DESIGN (4-6 pages)

Describe the procedure for implementing the solution
Describe how the curriculum will be implemented
Describe a timeline for the implementation
Describe an assessment or evaluation of the proposed solution
Describe your plan for assessing the data you collect from the assessment plan
Describe a plan for sharing the data results

D.  CONSIDERATIONS (2-3 pages)

Predict the outcome of your proposal’s design.
Describe any limitations your proposal may have
Describe factors that may impact the implementation or results