Mini Literature Review- approx. 300-500 words
In this section you are to review the core theoretical perspectives surrounding your business problem. It may well require you to identify a specific theoretical model and then to identify, what similar research may have been carried out into the same problem. It may well be that this research has been carried out in an identical domain (e.g. hotels) but simply in a different location (e.g. Indonesia and India).

This will probably have resulted in the research arriving at slightly different findings on the application of the theories associated with your problem. For example, if it is a problem of labour turnover, it is highly likely that in hotels in major cities, as a result of the wide choice of employment opportunities available to the labour force, movement of labour is more frequent in comparison with e.g. on a Caribbean island where the indigenous workforce have fewer employment opportunities and hence are more inclined to stay in their existing position. Please remember that this sort of opinion must be referenced to academic opinion, borne out of academic research, and thus it cannot be your own interpretation. It is expected that a minimum of 5 academic resources (books and academic articles) are to be used to compile this mini literature review.