Marketing Corporation, and Cutco Cutlery Corporation. It seems

overly cumbersome for customers to understand that Vector

Marketing Corporation is selling Cutco knives! Meanwhile, Cutco is

now the largest manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cutlery in the

United States and Canada. How would you structure Cutco’s

branding if you entered a new international market?



. Two things that have never changed at Cutco are their commitment to

fine craftsmanship and the Forever Guarantee. The guarantee means

what it implies—that Cutco stands behind its knives’ performance

and sharpness forever. They also have a forever guarantee of

replacing their knives for any misuse or abuse at half the cost. Is this

a viable international strategy when considering entry into the vastly

diverse markets that exist globally?


. Vector Marketing Corporation is the exclusive marketer of Cutco

products directly to consumers via sales representatives located

throughout the United States and Canada. Cutco International Inc. is

responsible for international marketing. Can the direct sales model

work as a market entry strategy internationally? Where can it work

and where does it potentially not work?