Imagine you work for an electrical contractor headquartered in Kapolei that focuses on commercial solar projects.  The business has about 40 employees, mostly working in sales and operations, with some accounting, warehouse, and executive personnel.  The office is relatively small but your customers are fairly large corporations.  You have recommended a number of improvements to secure the IT infrastructure in the office, but the CEO doesn’t think your company is big enough for hackers to care about.  You want to present an example that illustrates why your company should be concerned.

First, view the attached video for some background on cyber attacks, how they work, and what they look like.  (Note:  The “Blackhole” software mentioned in the video has been used to deploy the Zeus and Citadel trojans which you may learn about in your research.)  

Next, use the web to research a 2014 cyber attack which targeted a company called Fazio Mechanical Services (This is a real company).

  Finally, draft a brief memo (at least 400 words) to your boss describing what happened with Fazio, how it happened, and why your small company should be concerned.

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