Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Task 1:

  • Install the IPFire firewall in a virtual machine (WORKSTATION 16 PRO). (10 Marks) (Note: name the firewall with the students name or ID and print screen required for every step)
  • Access to web-based interface and create a new firewall rule, you have to make it clear to you what the source and what the destination host(s) is/are. (10 Marks)
  • Configure Filtering VPN networks. (20Marks)
  • Display the Net-traffic and analyze the results. (10Marks)
  • Enable IPS supplements the packet filter. (10Marks)

Task 2 :

Referring to four publications, suggest and critically reflect the security benefits in VPN configuration and other remote access methods in IoT environments. (40 marks)