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1.Choose one of the following dance concert works as listed on the “Concert Option Page.”

2.Consider the significance of your selection in relation to theories and issues discussed in class, to help better give a full picture of the work.

3. Utilize the Dance Artist in Context model, to better understand the work:

  • Personal History of the Dance Artist
  • Socio-Cultural and Political Context of the Dance Artist
  • Movement Characteristics and Artistic Process of the Dance Artist
  • Contemporaries and Collaborators of the Dance Artist

4. Use movement description and specific examples of the work to support your observations and review the work.


  1. Thesis Statement: Your thesis may be formed as a question or perspective you develop. The thesis is in your introduction, and your main idea and point of view that you are presenting.
  2. Triangulation: Your process of weaving together the materials you gather and research you conduct to explore your Dance Artist and thesis in the body, of your essay.
  3. Conclusion: What did you discover? How did your thesis evolve?
  4. Quality: Formal writing (no slang), and an articulate, developed report of your findings. Clear progression, organization, and connection of ideas/content.
  5. Length :4-5 pages (no cover page, no images/photos, not including works cited page), typed, spell checked, proofread.
  6. Citations/Format:
    • Cite-All sources cited using MLA or APA format, and include timestamps and page numbers in text, when citing film examples or direct quotes/examples.
    • Double space, .12 font, 1 inch margins.
    • Include a works cited page.
  7. Sources: In addition to the dance concert film, include at least 2 scholarly sources from this course, (articles, interviews, essays, etc.) You may also utilize the Library database for scholarly sources and book sources. Do not rely on Wikipedia or other variable online sources, and ALWAYS check the validity of your sources (example: do not assume that all blogs are trustworthy- look into who is writing and what their credentials are). A successful research paper will draw from a variety of sources, and may include personal interview or video, in addition to print and web sources.-At least, but not limited to five sources- you will be evaluated on the quality and thoughtful use of your sources

Dance Concert Options:

Choose ONE of the following full length dance works that interests you to write your analysis on. These all have slightly different streaming windows, so be sure to check your date. Each performance runs approx. 30-40 minutes. Research the choreographer or company you choose to aid you in writing your review.