This assignment focuses on Data Breach Incident Analysis. There is also a description of Padgett-Beale Inc.’s case study.

Data Breach Incident Analysis : Padgett-Beale Inc.’s case study

Research Report #1: Data Breach Incident Analysis and Report


Padgett-Beale Inc.’s (PBI) insurance company, CyberOne Business and Casualty Insurance Ltd, sent an audit team to review the company’s security policies, processes, and plans. So, the auditors found that the majority of PBI’s operating units did not have specific plans in place to address data breaches and, in general, the company was deemed “not ready” to effectively prevent and/or respond to a major data breach. So, the insurance company has indicated that it will not renew PBI’s cyber insurance policy if PBI does not address this deficiency by putting an effective data breach response policy and plan in place.  Also, PBI’s executive leadership team has established an internal task force to address these problems and close the gaps.  Because,  they know that the company cannot afford to have its cyber insurance policy cancelled.

Data Breach Incident Analysis : Padgett-Beale Inc.’s case study


Write a three to five (3-5) page report using your research. At a minimum, your report must include the following:

1.       An introduction or overview of the problem (cyber insurance company’s audit findings regarding the company’s lack of readiness to respond to data breaches). So, this introduction should be suitable for an executive audience and should explain what cyber insurance is and why the company needs it.

Data Breach Incident Analysis : Padgett-Beale Inc.’s case study

2.       An analysis section in which you discuss the following:

a.       Specific types of data involved in the Starwood Hotels data breaches and the harm

b.       Findings by government agencies / courts regarding actions Starwood Hotels / Marriott International should have taken

c.       Findings by government agencies / courts regarding liability and penalties (fines) assessed against Marriott International.

3.       A review of best practices which includes 5 or more specific recommendations that should be implemented as part of Padgett-Beale’s updated data breach response policy and plans. Your review should identify and discuss at least one best practice for each of the following areas:  people, processes, policies and technologies. So, (This means that one of the four areas will have two recommendations for a total of 5.)

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