The assignment concentrates on Data Governance and Management. Besides, there is a description of Legal Principles Management. So, you may need to develop some norms and principles in more detail.

Data Governance and Management – Legal Principles Management

Firstly, provide some theories why we need to regulate data. Secondly, financial innovation. Thirdly, formulate market competition. Also, financial crime.

Protection of humanity


What is Data Governance:

What is Data Management:

How to categories different data: ie Big data, meta data, structured data etc. (the audience needs clear definition)

What is data governance etc. for AI?

What are the relevant data points?

Data Governance and Management – Legal Principles Management

Part three:

Why does it cause legal uncertainty?

What are the risks (harms)

What are the general principles/guidelines so far produced?

How should Data governance be built based on these principles

Of course, you may need to develop some norms and principles in more detail in the following chapters.

The idea of artificial intelligence AI is an essential development in the technological niche that is quickly gaining traction. The significance of AI is evident in the sense that technological innovation is increasingly in use in the banking and financial section. In particular, financial institutions such as banks have embraced AI in efforts to avert fraudulent financial activities and to address the shortcomings inherent in traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) mechanisms, including the use of passwords and personal identification numbers (PIN).

Data Governance and Management – Legal Principles Management

Consequently, financial entities continuously implement data analytics, AI, and ML initiatives to enhance protection in the banking section.  

Assignment Questions

·         To what extent do the data protection initiatives under the EU regime (GDPR) facilitate the adoption of AI  in the financial institutions?

·         Whether the GDPR restrictions adequately protect personal data use in the AI  context, thereby averting potential violations of fundamental rights of subjects within the EU? 

Detailed Instructions


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