This assignment entails Data on company’s stock history. There is also creating of a scatter-plot and histogram. So, follow these steps to locate and download stock history from Yahoo! Finance

Data on company’s stock history : creating a scatter-plot and histogram

Download data on a company’s stock history. From this data, create scatterplots, histograms, and calculate the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of some data points. Write a 3-5-page report including the graphs and descriptive statistics you have created.

In addition to graphical and tabular summary methods, numeric or quantitative variables and data can be summarized numerically using various techniques of description and display.

Your task is to analyze the stock history of the company and create a scatterplot and a histogram. Then you will calculate mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of the adjusted daily closing stock price and the stock volume.

Data on company’s stock history : createing a scatter-plot and histogram

It is your responsibility to turn that data into meaningful information using descriptive statistics.


Firstly, select a business of which you are a part or in which you have interest and download the raw dat on the company’s stock history. Any business that has practical meaning for you is appropriate for this assessment.

Follow these steps to locate and download stock history from Yahoo! Finance:

  1. Go to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Search for and find the stock of the company you have chosen.
  3. Click on the “Historical Data” tab. Then select the following settings above the table:

o    Select Time Period of one year.

Select “Historical Prices.”

o    Select Frequency as “Daily.”

  1. Click Apply.

Detailed Instructions


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