In this assignment, you will practice with select, insert, update, and delete.  


Connect to your own database (e.g., c jeckroth), then run these commands to create the table:

drop table if exists billboard_hot10;

create table billboard_hot10 (

    artist varchar(200) not null,

    song varchar(200) not null,

    this_week_pos int not null,

    last_week_pos int


  1. Insert the first 10 songs listed in the website table, in the order shown in the table. Use all the columns in the db table. Then run select * from billboard_hot10; to show all the data in the order inserted.
  2. Show all songs (artist and song name) that have moved up the chart over the two weeks; keep the order of songs the same as the original table.
  3. Swap the “this week” positions of Glass Animals and Doja Cat songs. Don’t change their “last week” positions. You might need multiple queries. Then run select * from billboard_hot10 order by this_week_pos;
  4. Copy every “this week” position to “last week”, then update all “this week” positions to 1+ their prior value. Eliminate any songs whose “this week” position is greater than 10. Then run select * from billboard_hot10 order by this_week_pos;
  5. Add a new song at position 1: artist = Rick Astley, song = Never Gonna Give You Up, this week pos = 1, last week pos = null. Then run select * from billboard_hot10 order by this_week_pos;

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