Sensory integration is a term that has been used to describe processes in the brain that allow us to take information we receive from our 5 senses, organize it, and respond appropriately.

The Assignment

After reading our course material, chapter 2, discuss the following:

What is sensory integration? Think of at least two behaviors that would suggest that a child has good sensory integration?

Grading Criteria: See attached rubric for grading criteria

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Text, Chapter 2 and other websites that discuss infant toddler caregiving

You can go to these sites for information on sensory integration: file:///C:/Users/alexi/AppData/Local/Temp/Meeting_Sensory_Needs.pdf

after doing the DB reply to two other ppl

first person: The process of sensory integration is applying information gathered using your five senses known as sensory information and using the information into functional behaviors (Allen, Marotz, p.39).  One way of sensory integration is building a snowman during our recent snowstorm.  They use the sense of touch to collect the snow to shape it into balls to stack and build their snowman.  Another example of sensory integration is watching Paw Patrol on the television.  The children are using their sense of sight and hearing to enjoy the exciting adventures of these mighty pups.

Second Person:Sensory integration defined in our book, page 39, as a process of translating sensory information into functional behavior. (Allen,39) We have five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. An example of sensory integration would be a child turning to look at you when you call their name. They are responding to what they hear. If you give a child a lemon and they lick it and frown, then they are reacting to the bitter taste. When you place an item in a child’s face and they reach for it, they are responding to sight. The funniest reaction I have seen is a nursed new born. When they smell the milk from their Mom, they begin to search for it with their mouths. Babies also respond with their mouth open if you touch the side of their mouth. The reactions I listed collaborate with our text. It state that these senses are placed at birth. A small observation of a newborn child would prove this to be true.