Part 2:
You will choose one topic from the list of five topics provided (Intelligence, Behavior, Emotion
Regulation, Temperament/Personality, and Language). You will create a presentation
supporting either the nature or the nurture side of the argument for this topic. You will
prepare a visual presentation with slides that explain your position on the topic, support your
position with empirical research and prepare your rebuttal against the arguments likely to be
made by the other side of the debate. Your presentation should include the following:
Approximately 10 slides (this includes title page, graphs/charts, and reference page)
Be persuasive-Include visual aids i.e. Info-graphs, charts, or graphs with statics as well as
links to other resources
Must include at least 3 scholarly sources with citations within the presentation and
references at the end
Include 1-2 slides on what the opposing team may state and a rebuttal argument against
them. Be sure to adhere to your own side of the argument by providing a thorough