Debt Situation in First Century Palestine

You will only have to organize and write. This project deals with debt in first-century Palestine. The paper should be at least 2,000 words (APA citation).

Quick Response

Poverty was a common scenario observed in most communities especially in the first century. That instance led to people to borrow and accumulate debt in the first century. Cases of debt led to imprisonment under the Roman law since it was viewed as a means of personal coercion found in the debt collection procedures. Imprisonment was imposed on the debtor who attempted to evade the payments. The imprisoned debtors deteriorated under unbearable conditions. According to Jewish law, the concept of imprisonment for debt was rejected(Roth, 2014). The book of Exodus 22:24-26 presents a scriptural law that forbids the creditor from influencing the debtor’s provisions of life. The debtor with no resources and assets was allowed to go his way…

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