Decision-Making Technique Matrix

If what you are considering does not result in a decision, it is not a decision process or technique. A decision process or technique is repeatable and describes HOW a decision will be made, not WHO makes it. A decision technique does not include inputs into the actual decision.

For example, an idea-generating technique such as brainstorming is not a decision technique, although is often an input into decision making.

An analytical technique (Pareto, SWOT, Cost-benefit analysis, etc.) is not a decision technique, although these too are often inputs.

Describing the number of people involved and the level of their involvement (Decision continuum) is not a decision technique. The outcome of a decision process or technique is that a decision has been made.

You may need to research beyond the text to identify four distinct decision making processes or techniques. If it’s a decision technique or process, when it’s complete everyone knows what the decision is and can communicate it to others.