Define executive function and provide at least three examples of how executive function skills promote social-emotional development. (1-2 paragraph)


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An executive function is a form of skills that the children could attain once that it has been taught or demonstrated to them which will set some cognitive process including the memory level, taking self-control, and focusing in the certain situation. It establishes to guide the child with its journey towards being an adult in a moral way. Most likely, this kind of procedure has occurred in the school, where the teachers would mold the traits of its students by giving some activities that are fun and amazing. The cognitive techniques lead a way to promote social-emotional development that is clearly seen while performing a memory task. The instructors are fully aware that the identity progress of the young once is not yet fully mature that is why they need to train it with some tricks of games. By maintaining good memorization, a child will no longer forget the things that have been said to him, for instance, if the teacher of the young student told her that they must draw whatever they want to draw but then needs to use different colors in coloring it and they needs to put a title above the paper. The task was just simple yet for the age of the preschoolers and below- it was difficult, and some may not cope up with that. Keeping in mind the instruction of the teachers can help to construct a better social-emotional development as it will attain a good memory understanding, with that the child will stop asking continuously what they need to do as the direction was still intact in their mind. Another occurrence of promoting the skills for the evolution of the child is the actual self-control, usually, the instructors teach this kind of behavior by telling the child’s the rules of the game where whoever violates will not receive some awards or candies.  Having good control in the kid’s life will create a huge boundary for the things that the child will do. It will assist the young ones to manifest proper control with their emotions and behavior in the specific issue. Lastly, the focus that every kid needs to have since it will be kept for its whole life process. Providing a tricky activity in the classroom will mold the focus of the kids. Putting its all attention on the task would simply enhance its emotional development as it was able to set aside other things in order to solve the problem that the instructors gave to them. With a suitable focusing, the child will start to register and place on its mind that it should not be distracted with other things, thus it needs to keep on its track to make the assignment done by its given time. The relation of the two topics is highly significant with each other due to realizing that it needs one another to make the child grow in a nice way and a pleasant personality. If the child will learn all these, then it will easily get mature and it will understand how it needs to behave in each event that will come in their lives