This week we examine product and service strategies. One issue with products/services is they

may fail to update to current technology or consumer needs. This week we are going to

examine how an outdated/bad product was initially developed and what need it served. Then

define how the current needs/technologies have changed with respect to the product/service.

Finally, redesign the product/service to the current needs/technology.

The steps for the assignment are:

1. Recreate the requirements gathering process that could have led to the outdated/bad design

of the product.

2. Define how modern day requirements would change the product.

3. Redesign the product. Based on your redesign, how long do you estimate the product life

cycle to be before another redesign/update is needed?

Assignment format:

Using a well-organized Word document, answer the three questions above. Please make sure

to use headings to separate the three parts of the assignment. This paper is to be written in

APA format.