1. Define Operations in terms of Input/ transformation process / outputs
  2. Define the 4 key characteristics (4Vs)
  3. How many operations appeared in the case?
  4. What would you recommend to the company if they asked you to advise them in improving their operations?
  5. Using the four (4) perspective model of operations strategy, discuss the key performance priority for the Mini Iron and Alloys operations strategy. (Please note that you need to discuss each perspective concisely and precisely and then define the overall performance priority. You can use suitable assumptions if they are explained.)
  6. Using Haye and Wheelwright’s 4 Stage Model of Operation Contribution, discuss the current role and contribution of each of the above four operations.
  7. In the manufacturing industry, we have different process types based on the volume – variety characteristics. For Mini Iron and Alloys’s current process, which types of process does they currently use. Explain your answer and provide at least 2 characteristics of the process type he is using.
  8. As demand increases, capacity management is going to become very important. There are three types of capacity management techniques/approaches Mini Iron and Alloys can adopt, 1. Level capacity 2. Chase demand 3. Demand management. Explain the pros and cons of each technique and recommend which technique is best suited to Mini Iron and Alloys business and explain the reasons why.
  9. What is the cycle time and throughput time of the complete process of Mini Iron and Alloys?
  10. Draw a process map of the case’s operation indicating times for each stage. (Use data from the case – You can use calculated max / min or average minutes for each station in your analysis – which ever you feel is most appropriate)
  11. Based on your process map identify:
    1. Cycle time
    2. Throughput time
    3. Bottleneck

12.What type of Process and layout design is most appropriate for Mini Iron and Alloys plant? Explain your answer.

13. If the company needs to increase the throughput of the process shown in the table in the case, which task they should concentrate on and why?

  1. If the company employed 3 workers who could each work on any task and split the process into 3 stages, one stage for each worker, how would you recommend he balances (group tasks) his production line to ensure maximum efficiency and throughput and achieve level loading?



15. Explain the type of supply chain management they should adopt (Lean or Agile). NOTE: You need to identify the characteristics of the management method you select to justify your answer.

As part of a discussion on Lean v Resilience within a supply chain, please reflect on the differences between Lean and resilience and provide your reflections on:

  • Lean versus Resilient supply chain management?
  • What are the benefits / consequences of a Lean supply chain versus a resilient supply chain?
    • Consider demand in terms of Functional and innovative products. Is a lean supply chain better than a resilient supply chain for each type of product.
    • Consider supply in terms of multi-sourcing versus single sourcing (limited supply sources)
  • Consider how to balance the benefits / consequences of Lean v resilience in a supply chain

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