All answers are to be in typewritten form and not to exceed two paragraphs unless otherwise indicated.


  1. Define an anti-fraternization policy.


a) What employee interests are affected by a company adopting an anti-fraternization policy?


  1. b) What employer interests are legitimately advanced by such a policy?


  1. Define progressive discipline. Explain why you think that such a system is or is not ethically required by an employer.



  1. Identify three types of employee monitoring. State the ethical issues which arise in each type of monitoring.


  1. Define insider trading. Discuss whether insider trading is ethical.



  1. Using the teleological and deontological approaches, discuss when it is ethically required to be a whistleblower? (Not to exceed one page)


  1. You are the human resource director at a pharmaceutical company. Draft a policy relating to the giving and receipt of gifts by salespersons at your company. (Not to exceed one page)



  1. Define sexual harassment. Draft a policy for your company relating to this issue in the workplace. (Not to exceed one page)



  1. In no more than two paragraphs, what are the duties of an agent to its principal? In no more than two paragraphs, what are the ethical limitations, if any, on the exercise of these duties?


  1. Define at will employment. Does an employer have an ethical obligation to an employee prior to terminating his/her employment?