•From the position of a right holder, define a sponsorship pitch to attract a brand. You can create the pitch being the property that is more attractive to you and select a brand that you would approach to sponsor your club/event/athlete. The assessment is carried individually.




•Detail the history, milestones achieved by the property and its positioning

• Define which category you are offering to the sponsor

• Assessment of the opportunity for the brand

•Define the audience your club reaches and why fit’s brand’s objectives




• Define 3 activations that the brand could perform.

• Create an activation plan detailing the actions you’re going to take.

• Determine the objectives covered by each of the activations

• Explain the target audience to which each of the activations are targeted.

• Develop in detail what the activation will consist of and how you will execute it.

•Propose the outcome you expect from the activation plan.




• Detail the tracking KPIs you will follow to evaluate each activation.

• Define how are you going to measure the ROI (Which tools or methodology you’ll follow)


• Define the fee you are going to ask to the sponsor.

• Define a budget for each of the activations.




• Do you think it can be a good sponsorship?

• Can it help differentiate the brand from its competition?

• Do you see it feasible that your actions can be executed?