For this assignment, you will choose a global metropolitan area and

(a) provide a brief research-based summary of its demographic characteristics, governance structures, and planning

(b) interpret these in light of the perspectives on metropolitan planning and governance discussed in this course.  


Pick a metropolitan area anywhere in the world except Toronto. Your paper must analyze the area by doing the following:

• Define the metropolitan area and its boundaries. The definition should be backed up by evidence such as planning documents, Census designations, or research.

• Describe the region, including:

o Its demographics—in absolute terms and relative to the country it is in.

o Its economy—what drives its economic growth. It’s position in the global economy and, if relevant, its relationship with other regions and major world cities.

• Describe the region’s institutional 

entify where power to make decisions rests, and the extent to which that power is concentrated in one particular authority or position or spread out, and if applicable the level of fragmentation at the local level.