Define the sociological imagination

Detailed Instructions



             Directions: First, referring to C. Wright Mills, define the sociological imagination in detail. Then, apply the sociological imagination to ONE of the following:


·         Social Class Inequality


·         Racial Inequality


·         Gender Inequality


Quick Response

According to C. Wright Mills, the term Sociological imagination describes the type of insight that is offered by sociology discipline CITATION Cro10 l 1033  (Crothers, 2010). It is primarily used to explain the nature of sociology as well as its relevance in daily aspects of life. Social imagination is key to everyday routines since it prompts to view one’s actions from a different perspective. This approach has been used to explore different aspects of our lives including racial discrimination. Application of the notion has helped in the development of arguments and actions that help in minimizing racial discrimination. Approaching racial discrimination from sociological imagination helps the society to identify the challenges that each race faces and hence manage racism and discrimination in the society…


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