Answerquestions in an essay form.


1       State and explain ten good qualities of agood teacher.


2.  Stateand explain the three most important competency areas that determine theeffectiveness of instructors.


3.  Whatare the primary benefits of an instructor having a substantial amount ofteaching and trade experience?


4. Whatis the relationship of instructional objectives to instructional planning,execution, and evaluation?


5. Whyare knowledge of the subject area and the skill to be taught inadequate tosuccessfully fulfill the role of an instructor?


6.List the qualities of a former teacher whom you judged to be effective.


7.What are the three primary factors that control an individuals learningprocess?


8.What is the primary role of role of vocational and technical education?


9.Whatis the DACUM process and how are experienced workers used to identify job task withinan occupation?


10.What do the conditions of a performance objectives specify?


11.List 10 psychomotor verbs that may be used when writing objectives?