What challenges do you anticipate facing from the use and abuse of drugs in your future (or present) position?

 Consider your work environment.
How can you be better prepared to meet those challenges?

List three things that you learned from this article that you will perhaps “take with you” after this class is over. That is, information you’re likely to remember?

 Elaborate here. Don’t be superficial. Supply some details
In addition, find at least one academic journal article published since 2000 that relates to some aspect of the Johnston et al. (2018) article.

 Describe how this journal article relates or sheds light on any issue, or assertion, or conclusion that you read in Johnston et al.

  Remember, let the reader know you read the full-text article, and not merely a summary; elaborate, provide some details from your academic journal article. A good way to do this is to provide details as well as comment on any strengths and/or weaknesses of the journal article.