What is the overall story in the movie/documentary (give a brief summary)-include the setting and a general sense of the issues involved. Do not go into detail about the characters, this summary should be an overview of the movie/documentary, and should be One (1)-two (2) paragraphs. If its longer than that, you are writing a movie report, not any analysis.

The remainder of the paper should discuss these ideas:

1.Describe some of the African American cultural customs/traditions or expressive styles or history as illustrated in the movie.

2.Who are the main characters and what role(s) do they play in the film.

3.What are the main issues explored in the movie/documentary (coming of age, rebellion, inter-generational conflict, changing values, racism, success, love conflict, etc.).

4.How are the issues/conflicts resolved by the characters or how does the documentarian see the issue(s) being resolved

5.What themes/ideas for the course learning materials are present in the film? Use examples from the course learning materials and the film.

6.Is the movie in your estimation “culturally relative or ethnocentric”-In other words, to your knowledge is the movie stereotyped portrayals of African Americans or relevant examples of how this segment of the population lives and deals with challenges. Use examples from the movie.

7.Is the documentary in your estimation an authentic portrayal of the subject matter it reviewed; in other words, did it highlight real people and incidents?

Would you recommend this movie/documentary to someone to learn about the African American community, explain?

Use the movie “The Help” by Tate Taylor