The readings and learning activities in this module introduce you to the role of demography, economics, and resources in a nation’s national security. For this, and all position paper assignments, it is crucial to base your opinions and arguments on research.

To write your paper, follow these steps:

  1. Describe the demography of the country you selected for your term research paper (population density, ethnoreligious composition of society, young versus old, men versus women, etc.)
  2. How would you access resources which that nation-state does or does not naturally possess?
  3. Discuss the labor force of the nation-state (unskilled and uneducated versus middle-class professionals, higher-level scientific degrees granted, etc.)
  4. How do you describe that country’s wealth? What does “rich” mean there? What does “poor” mean there? How do you describe economic disparity in your selected country?

Based on the factors you have described so far, analyze the national security position of this nation-state in its area of the world (i.e., its parameters, influences, constraints, etc.). Be sure to show any relevant national security consequences of its demography, national resource endowments/deficits, economic factors, etc.

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