Describe the emergence of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the context of population health. What improvements to health care access were afforded by the enactment of the ACA? What barriers remain for access in the United States despite the implementation of the ACA?

End your post with two questions relative to your topic to promote a lively and robust conversation with your peers.

The initial post should include three robust and substantive paragraphs that address the elements in the paragraph above. Include two references in APA 7th edition format. One may be your textbook and the other should be a source from a scholarly healthcare journal and be current (within the last five years as the date of publication).

Please reply to at least two peers . Ensure you are synthesizing the information presented in the initial post and your response contributes to the conversation and topic presented by your peer. Include at least one reference that is new to the discussion from scholarly literature (not the textbook) to add to the discussion topic. Responses to peers should be robust and a minimum of two well-written substantive paragraphs per reply.

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