In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:


Describe the historical evolution of intelligence and counterintelligence in the United States


You are an FBI analyst who has recently come across information about a country that may be a potential threat to the United States. You would like to explore the risk that this nation poses to our homeland security, and you will need to organize an intelligence team to gather information to assess this risk. In order to organize this team and access the necessary resources, you will need approval from your supervisor.


Create a proposal for intelligence gathering that examines a past threat to the United States (Cuba), explains how your selected country (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Honduras) may pose a similar threat, and details how the past threat informs the intelligence you will need to gather in your proposed mission.



Intelligence-Gathering Operations: Proposal for Intelligence Gathering


In the first part of your proposal, you will examine past examples of intelligence gathering in order to make a case for a future intelligence-gathering mission. Complete each of the following:


Describe the historic value of intelligence gathering. Be sure to answer each of the following:

What were the key pieces of information we needed to know about Cuba?

Why did we need to know these pieces of information?

How did we gather this information?

What was the benefit of this information-gathering to our nation?

Assess the consequences of poor counterintelligence. Be sure to answer the following:

Using the historical case, what were the consequences of gaps in U.S. counterintelligence?

What are some of the current gaps in U.S. counterintelligence in your chosen country?

In the second part of your proposal, you will relate how your findings about past intelligence gathering should inform current intelligence-gathering needs.


Explain how gathering intelligence about a country can help determine potential threats to our nation. Be sure to include each of the following:

Intentions of other countries

Capabilities of other countries

Objectives of other countries

Determine the value of gathering intelligence on your chosen country. Be sure to include each of the following:

What are the key pieces of information we need to know about the country?

Why do we need to know this information?

How will we gather this information?

What is the benefit of this information to our country?

Describe the importance of gathering specific types of intelligence about your chosen country. Consider some of the following:



How they (citizens) feel about their country

Government/political views

Military capabilities

Political ties (alignment with other nations)

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:


Submit your proposal as a 350- to 500-word Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.


Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:


Website: CIA World Factbook

This website will provide you with information on a variety of topics on your chosen country. You may also want to use the World Travel Facts section of this website to further your knowledge of key elements and current travel advisories within your chosen country.


Website: World Health Organization

This website will provide you with various health-related information on your chosen country including news and potential health risks.