Meet with two different people at different times outside of class and ask them if they can spare about 30 minutes for a class exercise.  Choose a topic that you want to have a conversation about.  It could be anything that you both have some interest in. it doesn’t matter who starts but let the conversation go for at least 30 minutes. End at a point where it feels right. Thank your partner for their time.


Write up a 3-4 page report on how the conversation went using any relevant information from the text and research literature to compare and contrast the two conversations. The structure of your essay should include:


An introduction. Describe the meetings, who were your partners. Where and when did you meet; how did it go? How did you feel? .  

Analysis: This is the body of your paper. Choose major theories and concepts covered in this weeks readings and elsewhere that are evident in the conversations.  How did these concepts show up in the conversations? How were they similar? How were they different? Support your claims with specific examples from the meetings as well as research from the textbook and additional readings.

Evaluation: Summarize your findings, thoughts and feelings and your role in the conversation.