Complete attached template Competency


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:


Describe the purpose and function of counterterrorism in the United States


You work as an intelligence analyst in a local fusion center. You have received intelligence that a well-known terrorist organization, Aryan Nations, is planning to place an explosive device at the airport. Through community-led policing, law enforcement was notified that persons of interest, linked to the terrorist organization, were recruiting people to assist with the alleged plot through an online chat room. Community members were in the same chat room and thought the users and specific information were suspicious, and reported this activity to authorities. The user names and intelligence gathered suggested that the information was credible and connected to a plot against the airport. Now, the information has landed on your desk at the fusion center. As an analyst, you need to work with your colleagues and partner organizations to create a description of procedures in order to mitigate or eliminate the threat.



For this project, you will create a description of procedures report. Your report should include an introduction and conclusion. Specifically, address the following:


Identify the type of terrorist.

Based on the provided scenario, which type of terrorist (domestic, foreign, or lone wolf) do you think is most likely posing this threat?

Why is the intelligence gathered about a specific type of terrorist or terrorist organization important?

How can the intelligence received by authorities assist in ruling out specific types of terrorists?

Describe the strategies used to identify domestic threats and risks.

What strategies are used within fusion centers to identify threats and risks?

What specific strategies do state and local fusion centers use to identify natural and man-made threats and disasters?

Describe the strategies used to identify international threats and risks.

What kinds of international organizations do fusion centers work with to gather intelligence about international terrorist organizations?

How do fusion centers work with the U.S. Intelligence Community to gather intelligence on international terrorist organizations?

Explain how information is shared across all levels of the Department of Homeland Security.

How do fusion centers work with DHS to share time-sensitive and critical information regarding natural and man-made threats and disasters?