For each of the three tests,
Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment &placment program (VBMAPP)
Assessment of Basic Language & learning skills Revised,
Assessment of functional living skills address the following:
Purpose for
Testing and Content, Skills, and/or Constructs Assessed
Define the test publisher’s purpose for each test. In other words, what are some of the reasons
why a test user (i.e., psychologist) administers this test to a client? What content or skills does the test measure
(e.g., specific cognitive processes, executive functions, academic skills,
adaptive behavior skills, etc.)? What constructs does each test purport to
measure (depression, verbal intelligence, personality traits, autism)?
whether the purpose of testing and the content, skills and/or constructs
assessed by each test are appropriate for one’s specialization or a related
profession. In other words, are these
purposes and content, skills, and/or constructs relevant the field of applied behavior analysis. If so,
explain how these tests would be used in your specialization or a related
profession. Omit these instructions before
submitting your assignment].
Sample, Sampling Procedures, and Intended Population
[Describe the
characteristics of the normative sample (standardization sample) in terms of
race, geographic region, gender, dominant language, etc. What
percentage of the normative sample consists of these characteristics (if
available). Describe the sampling
procedures (random, stratified, stratified-random, purposive, incidental). What was the size of the normative

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