Submission Instructions: The summary and data parts of the assignment should both be submitted on Canvas. I will have a separate folder under ‘Assignments’ for each of them. Submit the writeup as a Word doc and the dataset as a CSV file.




This assignment has two parts.


The first part is a data set that shows the work you have done to prepare data for your major project.  The data set should have the following characteristics:

Data should be presented in a single table, saved in the “.csv” file format

Rows of the table should be different observations, columns should be different variables

If panel data is being presented, it should be in “long form”

Variable names should be descriptive and easy to understand

To reach the “excellent” standard you must present data on both your outcome variable and your explanatory variable, data set should be complete, should contain a reasonable sample size.  If control variables are important to your study design, the data set should contain values for them.  To reach the “acceptable” standard do not necessarily need all of the elements of the complete data set, but you must present significant progress towards the complete data set, reflecting an appropriate amount of work.  


The second part is a written description of your research and data.  This description should have the following structure of paragraphs.


The first paragraph should:

Clearly and prominently state the research question.

Provide necessary background information, if background information is necessary to understand the research question.  (This will depend on the topic.)

Briefly summarize why the research question is interesting or important.


There should be one or more paragraphs discussing the data that is available to answer the question and the data that you are currently presenting.  These paragraphs should:

Indicate how data is to be obtained for information on the key outcome (LHS) in the analysis.

Indicate how data is to be obtained for information on the key explanatory variable (RHS) in the analysis.

Describe the scope and structure of the data on each of these variables.  For example, is the data panel data, cross-sectional data, or time series data?  What are the time periods, and what are the entities?  How many observations are there?

Describe your progress towards a complete data set:  If the data set you are presenting is partial or incomplete, what is it currently missing, and where will you obtain the necessary data from?  


You will probably notice that the guidelines for the written data description are almost identical to the guidelines for the proposal assignment.  That’s intentional!  Use this as an opportunity to adjust, revise, or rewrite your proposal paragraphs in light of the feedback you’ve received so far.  Use the proposal grading rubric, especially the first table on the “Acceptable” standards as a guide.



Formatting and length guidelines (for written part of the assignment):


Use Times New Roman font, size 12

Use double spacing

All page margins should be 1 inch

Maximum length of 2 pages  

No minimum length




This assignment will be graded using a rubric, which is available on Canvas