Write a reflection paper about the scholarly research class. The paper should include elements below:


1.The Reflection assignment should include use of a reflective model- Gibbs model.


2.The following sections will be included:

a .Abstract

b .Introduction

c. Reflective Model:i .Provide a description of the chosen reflective model and what components formulate the reflective model.

d .Discussion:

i.**This is a reflection of your learning, not the course**

ii .Provide discussion concerning where learning opportunities were

found throughout the semester.

iii. Describe your information gathering techniques utilized throughout

the semester and if they were appropriate or not. Why/why not?

iv. Discuss your overall perspective now that the semester has almost

ended. What went well? What didn’t? What will you need to work on for the next semester to ensure success?

e .Conclusion:

i .The paper concludes with a summary of the paper, findings from the

evidence, and thoughts about the topic of paper.


Reflection provides a means for students to critically reflect on their experiences which facilitates professional growth and development.

The assignment were done for the class including analyze quantitative and qualitative article and write a personal project about aspirin and exercise during pregnancy