create a value proposition proposal based on the ppt slide that I have provide.

(1) Description of the entrepreneurial opportunity.

The objectives of the assignment is to identify a market opportunity and then evaluate the VP inherent using the VPC. (that is, a going concern strategy for increasing customer attraction to shift revenue), not an entrepreneurial problem (that is, an evaluation of whether to move to commitment to startup).

(2) Value proposition canvas assessment of opportunity. (The VPC focuses on the opportunity of a proposed company and what JOBS the customer wants. Some jobs might be functional (customer wants a luxury experience in airtravel – emotional job, customer wants to separate themselves from lower wealth passengers – social job or identity based customers want a flight that gains them more privacy and intamacy – functional job)…

(3) You are to present your VP to an entrepreneur, business person or qualified business advisor and get their constructive feedback, ask them about potential problems or questions you may need to answer. You will then devise 2 key tests of your VP Canvas, and the design of how you might attempt to answer them. (P.S. you don’t really need to find an actual person to ask, you can come up with any questions and feedbacks that you have think of, as long as it has some feasibility in it.)

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