This assignment focuses on Descriptive and Correlation Designs. There is also a description of  Describing Data Presentation of both. Also, an explanation of how data presented regarding each design.

Descriptive and Correlation Designs : Describing Data Presentation

For this task, imagine that you were asked to present to a class of master’s level students who are enrolled in their first quantitative research methods course. Prepare a presentation that explains how you would ‘teach’ the concepts you have learned.  Regarding how to describe data presentation for both descriptive and correlation designs.

Be sure to include the following in your presentation:

-An overview of both descriptive and correlational designs.

-An explanation of how data are presented regarding each design.

Descriptive and Correlation Designs : Describing Data Presentation

-Note the strengths and limitations of each design.

Support your presentation with at least five scholarly resources, appropriate scholarly resources may included.

Length: 5 pages

Descriptive designs and resulting statistics can b composed of everything that can  counted (e.g., gender, age, height, weight). Correlational designs can help us determine the degree of relationship between two variables. Each design has specific ways in which data  prepared and presented. Descriptive statistics include summaries of distributions, measures of central tendency, and describing variability. Correlations and how they  calculated and presented informs us about how two things perform in a synchronous manner.

There are several ways to prepare and present both types of designs, and their statistical formulas. This can occur through numerical representation of data, graphical representation of data. Also,  a summary in narrative format.

Detailed Instructions


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