Design an off-season (6 months) training program for the following high school baseball player, who was informed by college scouts that his skills are above average, but he needs to “lean out”, decrease is 30-yard sprint time by .2 seconds, and increase his vertical jump by one-inch to improve his chances of playing at the Division-1 level.


17-year old male Varsity baseball player

Starting Shortstop

5’9” 175 lbs., 20% bodyfat



Your interview, PAR-Q and Health History Questionnaire reveal that he has had multiple hamstring injuries throughout his high school career.  Aside from his desire to ‘lean out’, decrease his sprint time, and increase his vertical jump, he would also like to be more flexible, improve his first-step quickness, improve his throwing strength, and hit with more power.  For purposes of this exam, this athlete is capable of training Monday through Friday, and has minimal experience with weightlifting and performance training.                                                                                  




Provide details for the types of exercises, durations, sets, repetitions, rest intervals, etc. A coach must be able to utilize this program without having to contact you for clarification or additional explanation. Provide rationale for your recommendations within the program. For each month of the 6-month training program, please provide a ONE WEEK example of the program. Your program must include a proper daily warm-up, strength training program, plyometrics, and cardio-respiratory fitness training.                                                                          




You will also provide rationale for the overall program design, and how it will effectively assist the athlete in achieving his goals, and preparing him for the upcoming season, and ultimately to increase his chances of playing for a Division 1 baseball program.                                                                                  




Additionally, you must provide all the aspects of your athlete’s programming to include:


Assessments performed, and the results

Proper warm-up for each training day, including the specific exercises/movements (an explanation regarding how to perform the exercises/movements is not necessary)

Programming specifics such as sets, repetitions, intensity, and the intended progressions across the 6-month program

Exercises selected (an explanation regarding how to perform the exercises/movements is not necessary)