Design Thinking- Individual report

Paper details:

As an enterprise team, you face complex challenges. You work across silos and juggle competing requirements—all while racing to meet rising expectations. That’s why we can use Enterprise Design Thinking, a framework that aligns multi-disciplinary teams around their users’ real needs. When teams apply these scalable methods, they can move faster and deliver differentiated outcomes over and over again. The supporters of this technique believe that the world’s systems should work in the service of people. At the heart of our human-centered mission is Enterprise Design Thinking: a framework to solve our users’ problems at the speed and scale of the modern enterprise.

In this individual activity, we will practice the design-thinking technique to solve a real business problem. The principles which guide us in this exercise are to see problems and solutions as an ongoing conversation. Each student can come up with a new way to solve the given problem. Then, each student needs to submit a report highlighting how they used the design-thinking technique to solve the mentioned business problem.


Information systems (IS) educators at universities face a number of challenges in the current environment, including dealing with declining enrolments, preparing students for the changes in the profession, and updating the curriculum to integrate new ideas and technologies. These challenges make sharing IS education-related knowledge and practices especially critical.