For the given set of tasks, do the following:

a. Develop the precedence diagram.

b. Determine the minimum cycle time and then calculate the cycle time for a desired output of

500 units in a seven-hour day. Why might a manager use a cycle time of 50 seconds?

c. Determine the minimum number of workstations for output of 500 units per day.


294 Chapter Six Process Selection and Facility Layout

d. Balance the line using the greatest positional weight heuristic. Break ties with the most following tasks heuristic. Use a cycle time of 50 seconds.

e. Calculate the percentage idle time for the line.


Task Time




A 45 —

B 11 A

C 9 B

D 50 —

E 26 D

F 11 E

G 12 C

H 10 C

I 9 F, G, H

J 10 I