Conduct an HR Audit of an Organization

Objective:  Students will be able to:

1. Determine which of the typical components of an HR function should exist in  a specified organization/in the targeted organization.      

2. Use the audit findings to identify issues that need to be addressed within the specified company.

General parameters:

 The company must be an actual company with no less than 20 and no more than 500 employees. Use a private sector employer.  It may be a for-profit organization or a not-for-profit.  Advise the instructor of the nature of the organization’s mission prior to

beginning.  In the event that the team cannot find a suitable organization willing to contract and/or allow the team access to the information needed, the instructor will provide the required information.  Limit presentation document to five hard copy pages

 Prepare a report to the CEO of the organization identifying…..

a) what was examined,

b) what was found to exist,

c)    what was missing,

d) what needs to be improved or corrected, and

e) a list recommendations to address c & d.

  Provide professor with a copy of the presentation.

2)    Audit a Set of Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Objective:  To be able to prepare a set of operating HR guidelines for an organization

that  will be shared with new hires as an introduction to employment and regulate s.o.p.

with regards to management/administration of the HR function.    

           General parameters:

           Choose a set of P & P of between 25 and 50 policies.  


 Critique the general document and identify missing  P & Ps and missing information

on specific policies and procedures.  Note you are critiquing the document, not the

actual value of, for example, a given benefit.  (If critique, limit to five pages exclusive