Part 1: Develop a case scenario of a family. This can be based on your own life, someone that you know, or a fictional scenario. Your case scenario should include relevant information about the family’s culture, their demographic characteristics (e.g., age, gender, race), and family dynamics.

Part 2: Select a model of MFT (e.g., narrative, experiential, Bowen), and one of the developmental theories you have learned in this class (e.g., Piaget’s s Cognitive Stages Theory, Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Approach, Bandura’s Social Learning Theory).

Part 3: Write a paper in which you: (a) summarize key tenets of the MFT model; (b) summarize key tenents of the developmental theory, and (c) discuss how you will integrate your developmental theory with your MFT model. Be sure to explain how you will use both lenses to guide your assessment and case conceptualization. You will also need to identify what cultural considerations are relevant to the case and create a treatment plan that is sensitive to those needs and the developmental needs of the family. You can use the Treatment Plan Template from Week 4 as a guide

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