Creative and Critical Thinking Final Assessment:


Develop a creative solution to a historical, social, ethnic, economic, technological, and/or geographic problem.


Critical Thinking Through A Problem

Competency Objectives

  1. Identify and define creative and critical thinking processes.
  2. Identify a problem and propose a solution using creative and critical thinking processes.


Purpose of this Assessment

The final assessment of this competency is to demonstrate your ability to use critical and creative thinking to solve a real world problem.

Items Required for Submission

This assessment requires you to write an 8-11 page paper that consists of three different components:

  1. Summary of complex problem.


Creative and Critical Thinking Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric


  1. Demonstration of the critical thinking process.
  2. Implementation plan of a solution

Step 1: Preparation – Selection of a Problem


Identify a complex problem that may have many solutions. The problem you select may be related to your personal, community, and/or work life.

Examples include:

  • School District X has limited programs for gifted children.
  • Company X needs to increase market share.
  • Co-workers at Company X are not working well together as a team.
  • Person X has been passed over for promotion three times.
  • The needs for the homeless in your community are not met.


The problem must include at least two of the following factors: historical, social, ethnic, economic, technological, or geographic. For example, School District X is facing economic troubles and is forced to cut programs (economics), but is challenged to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs that require a need for computers and iPads (technology). In another example, there is an increase of homeless in your home town (community), and, at the same time, a major business has downsized (economic) resulting in a shortfall in the city budget for social services.


Step 2: Write the Paper


Part I: Summary of Complex Problem

Begin the paper by writing a summary of your problem. Include a minimum of the following information:

  1. Events leading up to problem.

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Creative and Critical Thinking Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric


  1. Description of players in the problem (i.e., people, company, organization, etc.).
  2. Factors that are involved in the problem (historical, social, ethnic, economic, technological, or geographic).
  3. Purpose or reason for solving the problem.
  4. This summary should be 1- 1.5 pages.


Part II: Demonstrate Your Critical Thinking Process


To demonstrate your critical thinking process, write 4-5 pages addressing the following questions:

  1. What assumptions have you made about the problem?
  2. What biases or points of view do you have that may impact your critical thinking in solving this problem?
  3. How will you apply the universal standards of critical thinking (clarity, precision, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance, and fairness) to solve the problem?
  4. Find at least two resources that can help you to solve the problem. List them here.
  5. Why are these resources helpful?
  6. What affective factors (curiosity, fair-mindedness, emotions, intellectual humility, intellectual courage, intellectual integrity, perseverance, or confidence in reason) may be associated with the problem (either your own or others)?
  7. How do these affective factors impact the critical thinking process?
  8. Identify any errors (emotional appeals, propaganda, logical fallacies, or misleading statistics) that are made in the understanding of the problem.
  9. Identify any errors that are made in the application of solutions.
  10. Describe potential solutions (minimum of 4) for the problem.
  11. What are the implications for yourself and others by implementing these solutions? Discuss a minimum of 2 factors (historical, social, ethnic, economic, technological, or geographic) implications.


Creative and Critical Thinking Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric

Part III: Identify a Solution and Create a Plan for Implementation

Select one coherent solution to your problem. Summarize your proposed solution and rationale. Create a plan on how you would implement that solution including steps and a timeline. Write 3-4 pages.

This section should include:


  1. Summary of the solution.
  2. Rationale for the solution being the best one for this problem.
  3. Plan to implement the solution, including detailed steps.
  4. Timeline to implement the solution.



Step 3: Complete Checklist for Submission


Before you submit, check to see if you believe you have met the criteria noted below.


Did you …


  • Include a title page and the following three components of your paper
  • Include summary of complex problem (Part I)


  • Include demonstration of the critical thinking process (Part II)


  • Include implementation plan of a solution (Part III)

Step 4: Submit Your Work (Items 1-3)



  • Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment page of your competency. Page 4 of 9

Creative and Critical Thinking Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric



  • Please note, for files smaller than 10MB (i.e., most Word documents), use the corresponding “+UPLOAD STUDENT FILE” button to upload your final assessment assignments. For larger files of any type (i.e., voice-over PowerPoint files, videos, or image-heavy documents), please use the optional TEXT EDITOR to provide a URL where your grader can download your file.


  • How you create a download URL is up to you, but various free online providers, including Google Drive,, or Dropbox, offer this service. Please make sure that the URL you provide can be accessed by anyone with the link. For further instructions on how to create public links for uploaded files, consult the support pages for your chosen provider.

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