Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan and Template for a small company that converts old VHS and Betamax videos into Digital formats and provides simple editing facilities. Assume this is in the UK.

The company has 6 employees and 12 PCs.
One employee looks after admin such as billing and payroll, another looks after the website and ensures that status updates are sent out to customers. The other 10 machines are used to convert media. They are equipped with specialist graphics cards and they are connected to a range of old video playback machines. Software used includes Adobe Premier and Microsoft Office. There are 4 members of staff who carry out the conversions. It is important that work is not lost and they use a cloud backup solution (Carbonite). The company uses a UPS for all their machines that allows them to shut down if there is a mains failure. The company regularly updates anti-virus software and keeps staff aware of current risks.
The DRP should reflect the size of the company and the template should be adapted from existing templates online (Please ensure these are referenced). It should reflect the needs of the company and have sufficient tables to capture the key information required to get the company up and running in the event of a disaster

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