Assignment 3: Develop strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation

Assessment type Report 
Word limit/length 3,000 words +500 (including in-text citations, reference list, any tables/figures and appendices)
Weighting 60%








Assignment 3 requires you to provide a strategic development plan, implementation, and evaluation framework. This is based on the second and third stages of the strategic model provided by Ginter, et al. (2018), assisting you to implement a strategic plan and evaluation in your workplace. 

Learning objective/s 

  • Plan, implement and evaluate a strategic leadership framework within health, social, and community services

Assessment details and structure 

Building on Assignment 2 (SWOT analysis), develop a 3000-word framework for planning, implementation, and evaluation of the strategic direction of your organisation. This report should be prepared in a way to be useful for implementation purposes at your organisation. 

Your report should include the following: 

  • A specific title for the assignment
  • Introduction, which informs the reader as to the context and setting for your workplace, and the importance of strategic direction/planning/evaluation in your workplace. You can summarise information provided in Assignments 1 & 2, and there is NO need to rephrase your work (Approximately 500 words). 
  • Strategic planning and implementation  consider strategic management thinking/frameworks/models during the planning phase; consider components of implementation science or change management theories/models and incorporate relevant aspects in a meaningful way (Approximately 1500 words). SWOT analysis can be used as a basis for this. 
  • Evaluation (of the strategic planning and implementation) – consider measurable programs/tools/instruments to be used in assessing if the plan has met its objectives. Also consider the key activities that need to be evaluated/assessed, how these will be measured, and by whom (Approximately 700 words). 
  • Conclusions and recommendations summarise the key take-home messages from the report, and specific recommendations relating to the strategic direction, which can be beneficial for your organisation/other organisations in improving the healthcare system. Reinforce the main points of the body and do NOT introduce new information in this section (Approximately 300 words). 
  • Referencing – A minimum of eight references should be used in support of relevant arguments. Arguments must be substantive and please use mainly peer-reviewed literature, policy directives, and other relevant sources in support of relevant arguments (preferably last 5-10 years, except for seminal literature). 

A combination of diagrams, tables, charts can be provided in support of the argument if required (maximum number: 2). Please be advised that this will be included in the word count. 

You can use and build upon information provided in Assignments 1 & 2, and there is NO need to rephrase this information. 

Turnitin settings and checking similarities 

All students are expected to check the similarity (originality) of assignments before final submission. Use this information for Plagiarism prevention (see further detail in the Avoiding Plagiarism link on Blackboard). Please be advised that there is only one general DRAFT submission point to permit you to have unlimited submissions (called check the similarity of assignments). You can upload as many versions of any of your assignments as you like. ASSIGNMENTS UPLOADED TO THE SIMILARITY SITE WILL NOT BE GRADED. Please use the relevant “Assignment upload” portal to upload the final version.

Please make sure you check your word count via draft submission to ensure you have not exceeded the 3000 word count (this includes citations, reference list, and any tables/diagrams). If it does exceed, the paper will NOT be graded. Please make sure that you do NOT include any cover sheet.

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