The assignment talks about Developing a Tentative Thesis. Additionally, there is a description of Organizing and Drafting Essays. So, decide on a SINGLE EXPERIENCE (X) you want to write about.

Developing a Tentative Thesis – Organizing and Drafting Essays

The key question you’ll answer is “How has X experience affected the way I think/feel about school or education?” Audience You’re answering the key question for yourself and other members of our class. Keep in mind the kinds of things your readers/classmates will understand already and what you’ll need to explain and/or describe in greater detail. Goals Your goals as a writer include: ● to decide on a SINGLE EXPERIENCE (X) you want to write about (maybe by trying out two or three to see which one is most interesting to you), ● to remember as much DETAIL about that experience as you can, and ● to think about what SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in your attitude toward school this experience caused and try to describe that change in your writing.

Developing a Tentative Thesis – Organizing and Drafting Essays

● Length: more than two pages (not including works-cited list if needed). Your essay should be of sufficient length to meet your rhetorical situation. Strategies Strategies for completing the essay include these: 1. Refer to course resources before you begin and while you work on this assignment. Helpful pages are marked with the symbol of a rightwards filled arrow. a. Writing a Narrative: A Roadmap (EA pp. 185-89) b. Personal Narratives (LS section W-10, pp. 58-61) 2. Use some of the PREWRITING STRATEGIES we’ve discussed in class to help you remember specific experiences to write about. Refer to Generating Ideas (LS W-3a). 3. Select the experience that’s most interesting to you to FOCUS on in your essay.

Developing a Tentative Thesis – Organizing and Drafting Essays

Refer to “Developing a Tentative Thesis” (LS W-3b). 4. Continue to PREWRITE to develop as much detail about that experience as you can. Write a ROUGH DRAFT in which you concentrate on getting out your ideas and explaining them, without worrying too much about smaller issues like grammar and punctuation. Refer to “Organizing and Drafting” (LS W-3c) and “Developing Paragraphs” (LS W-4).

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