This assignment focuses on Business culture strategy change. There is also a description of Developing action plan for implementation. So, at all stages, you will build support for the implementation.

Business culture strategy change : Developing action plan for implementation

Assessment description

Using the workplace scenario information provided, you will plan the implementation and resourcing of an organizational change strategy, consult with various stakeholders, and implement a key part of the change strategy. At all stages, you will build support for the implementation.

Note: You will need to keep copies of your work in this Assessment for further use in Assessment Task 3.

Assessment requirements
1. Read the simulated business case study.

2. Access the provided documentation – policies and procedures, in the Appendix 1 ‘Max Lionel Realty’.

3. Use the templates provided and make adaptation as required for completing assessment task requirements.

Developing action plan for implementation

Based on the scenario:

Firstly, develop action plan for implementation of the busness culture strategy change.

Secondly,develop a budget for the culture strategy change.

Developing action plan for implementation

Thirdly,develop a communication plan for the business culture strategy change.

Fourthly, prepare a written proposal to your CEO (your assessor) to:

Then, discuss plans and budget business culture strategy change

Besides,  Explain how the business culture strategy change meets the organizational, legal and financial requirements
Prepare a plan for communication to internal and external groups
○ Develop plan of modes of communication (e.g. presentations, flyers, posters, training notes, etc.) in implementation plans
○ explain how plans align to organizational risk management plans, for example, explain how the change strategy mitigates certain risks outlined in the risk register

5. Keep drafts of plans for continuous improvement (you will need to use your materials in the next task).

6. Submit documentation for feedback.

Detailed Instructions


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