The  OL 40238 assignment focuses on  Developing Healthcare Leaders. Also, there is a description of Judy’s Leadership Development Plan. So, analyze three (3) actions that Judy Stokley took.

OL 40238 Developing Healthcare Leaders – Judy’s Leadership Development Plan

Paper details:

Hello, this is a healthcare management assignment where you will need to interpret behavioral and personality assessments to determine strengths and areas of improvement for a leader, as well as recommend development opportunities. There is two sessions one is for Judy’s Leadership Development Plan and the other is for Alex’s Leadership Development Plan, attached you will find the assignment instructions, the resources guide, and all the resources that does not have the website on the resource guide are attached here. Thank you for your help.

OL 40238 Developing Healthcare Leaders – Judy’s Leadership Development Plan

rite a seven to ten (7-10) page paper in which you: Firstly, describe specific practices that successful project managers apply in exercising their leadership and management roles overall. Secondly, evaluate Judy Stokley’s level of success in developing a culture of trust. While implementing her drawdown plan as Eglin Air. Also, base’s new Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) program director. Provide three (3) specific examples to support the response.

  1. Indicate three (3) key learning and behavior modification strategies that Judy Stokley used in order to address AMRAAM’s organizational problems. Gain the trust of project team members. Provide three (3) specific examples to support the response.
  2. Analyze three (3) actions that Judy Stokley took in order to change the project team’s culture and create a relationship of trust.  mutual support, and teamwork between the government and contractors. Support the response with three (3) specific corresponding examples.Create a personal leadership development plan for Judy Stokley so that she may be eligible for future promotions to leadership roles beyond program director.
  3. The plan should, at a minimum, focus on promoting key leadership behaviors. Designate specific strategies to promote a higher level of performance relative to the position. Specify actions that Judy could take to promote the AMRAAM culture in her new role.

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