Developing Professional Practice: The Effective HR Professional

Assessment brief/activity Written responses on a Word document. Activity 1 The Effective HR Professional • Introduce the CIPD Profession Map and explain how it is used by HR professionals and organisations. • Describe a range of knowledge, activities and behaviours (1 of each), from two selected professional areas, at Band 1 or 2. • Show how the elements of the CIPD Profession Map are used to demonstrate what it means to be an HR professional. Activity 2 Group Dynamics & Conflict Resolution a. Select a theory/model to describe the factors which influence group dynamics. Apply this theory to an example of team development. b. Describe two examples of conflict resolution methods/models and apply these methods/models to an example of conflict that did/may occur. Activity 3 Project Management Summarise a recent or current business project (large or small) which you are familiar with (leading or as part of a project team). (Brief context). a. Describe how you have applied two project management/planning techniques during this project (show examples of their application). b. Describe how you have applied a technique(s) to analyse and resolve a problem during this project (relate a model/theory to your example). c. Explain how you successfully applied each of the three following techniques – possibly during the course of this projecti. Influencing, ii. Persuading and iii. Negotiating with others Activity 4 CPD a. Undertake a self-assessment of HR professional practice capabilities to identify your continuing professional development needs. (You could access ‘my CPD map’ and undertake the self-assessment to produce the evidence – copy and paste your results into an appendix) and discuss findings in your own words. Justify why your CPD options will best meet your needs. b. Produce a Professional Development Plan (PDP) which sets out your professional development options – as outlined in 3.2. You must include a minimum of three objectives. (your table/plan will not be counted within the word count).

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